It gives me immense pleasure and a great sense of pride in witnessing our institution develop into an advanced and state-of-the-art engineering and technology institution. It has become a catalyst in the field of engineering education. The effectiveness of the teaching staff is linked to a personal care and reach they have on students. Every student gets the finest quality of education with the best heads coming to form a great faculty. We believe that in addition to that, it is important out students have an all-round development, both in the field of study and in life. We have taken every effort and will continue to strive towards providing such an ambience.

Diploma Programme

“The day you plant the seed is not when you eat the fruit”.  

With an intensive course in a well-paced framework, students are able to complete the course and pass with flying colours. 

We offer two diplomas. One in nursing, the other for education.  

Students are put through rigorous training with an outstanding faculty.

The curriculum is also constructed in such a way that students are able to excel at the courses. 

Please go to our respective colleges for more information.

Diploma in Nursing  
Diploma in Teacher Education